Sightseeing(English) Some Well known Spots

轟の滝 Todoroki Falls

Todoroki FallsTodoroki, which means thunder, was the name given to the waterfall due to the sound of crashing water upon the rocks below. The fall measures 11 meters tall and has an area of approximately 2500 square meters at the bottom. The bottom of the falls is surrounded by walking paths, so visitors can explore this natural beauty and the surrounding area.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Iwayakawachi


大茶樹 Big Tea Tree

大茶樹 Big Tea TreeThis tea tree is approximately 350 years old, spreading its branches over about 70 square meters and standing about 4.6 meters tall. It is said to have been planted by Shinbei Yoshimura, called the father of Ureshino tea, between the years 1648 to 1652. It has been designated a natural nation treasure.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Fudouyama Shirakawa


立岩展望台 Tateiwa Observatory

立岩展望台 Tateiwa ObservatoryLocated in the mountains south-west of Ureshino town, tourist can enjoy the splendid panoramic views of the Ariake Sea that the Tateiwa Observatory offers.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Shimono Kou1969-11


窯元会館 Pottery House

窯元会館  Pottery HouseIn Ureshino, we have several potteries where visitors can have a hands on experience and make their own china wear. Visitors can also view ceramic work made by master craftsmen from the area.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Yoshida Tei 4525-1



百年桜 Hundred-years-cherry

百年桜 Hundred-years-cherryCherry blossoms, which bloom in early April, have a very short lifespan of about a week. During this period, visitors can view this special moment by observing the 13 meter tall Hyakunzakura, or the Hundred Years Cherry Blossom. Located in at Kirari, Yoshida, it is still not known when the tree was planted who planted it.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Yoshida Tei 5065 (Nandoryou)


みゆき公園 Miyuki Park

みゆき公園 Miyuki ParkSurrounded by rich greenery and containing an enormous lawn covering 3 acres, Miyuki Park is the perfect leisure spot to relax and enjoy nature. The park also contains athletic and play equipment for the whole family.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Shimojuku Kou 2834


ふじ棚 Wisteria Trellis

ふじ棚 Wisteria TrellisWisteria flowers carry the meaning of welcome.When exiting the Ureshino Interchange during spring, visitors and locals alike are greeted by a row of wisteria flowers.


[Address]Ureshinomachi Shinojuku (In front of Miyuki Park)

嬉野庁舎 観光商工課