嬉野市長 村上 大祐

A sense of urgency in the spread of the new coronavirus variant
 The new coronavirus infection is spreading again at an unprecedented rate. Today,August 2, three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka Prefecturehave been added to the emergency declaration area, and Fukuoka Prefecture has also been placed under "priority measures to prevent the spread of the disease". The mutated strain, which is more infectious than the conventional type, has already spread to Saga Prefecture. I would like to urge you to be aware of the crisis and take measures to prevent infection, such as refraining from going to and from

eating in areas where the infection has spread, and thoroughly washing and disinfecting your hands.

 On the other hand, the efforts and cooperation of citizens in preventing infection are certainly bearing fruit. There have been no cases of cluster outbreaks in Ureshino City, and due to the fast progress of coronary vaccination,more than 80% of the elderly people over 65 years old have completed the second round of vaccination. With the spread of the vaccine, there has been a marked decrease in both the number of infections among the elderly and the overall rate of serious illnesses, so there is some hope. In order to make this the final critical moment, let us overcome the difficulties by uniting our minds and thoroughly practicing the basics of infection prevention.

August 2, 2021
                         Mayor of Ureshino City Daisuke Murakami

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